Junction 2 Music was created by Florence Arpin in 2006.

Florence Arpin was born in France in 1973. She graduated from the Paris X University with a Master in Econometrics and a Master in Marketing in 1995 then completed her MBA in Marketing and Management at the Baruch College, CUNY, in New York City in 1996. She arrived in London in 1996 and worked as an assistant to Marketing and Sales Director at Besnier (UK), the French biggest dairy company for  few months.

In 1997 Florence created the European arm of Train Wreck Records, a small independent label dedicated to promoting the very finest American alternative-country and country soul music. As Train Wreck Records only European employee, Florence looked after marketing, press and radio campaigns for more than a dozen different album releases alongside booking UK artist tours and also learned the mechanics of CD distribution, sales plans and label administration.

Alongside running Train Wreck Records Florence worked with Delta PR on campaigns for Thea Gilmore, Hazeldine, Doug Sahm and other US and UK country and folk artists. In 2001 Florence directed the promo video for Gordon Haskell’s ‘How Wonderful You Are’ No2 Christmas Single. The promo video was shown on various UK TV shows (including TOTP2 and MTV).

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