Junction 2 Music established its music PR activities in 2008.

We service the most adapted journalists to your genre of music whether it is for an album release or a tour. We do service the specialised music press, the mainstream music magazines, as well as the broadsheets, and other newspapers. We also do regional PR, mainly to support tour dates.

Junction 2 Music service the most adapted producers and DJ presenters according to your style of music. We service producers and Radio DJ/presenters with relevant albums and/or singles and target radio shows on national and regioanl BBC Radio stations, as well as commercial radios and internet radios.

Junction 2 Music can advise you on various Marketing and Advertising elements:
– Presentation/Image of an artist
– Promotional Pictures
– Press release
– Schedule
– Plannification & Provisonnal Budget on advertising campaign


Here are a few releases done by Junction 2 Music:



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